Do you want an expert or an experiment?

This question applies to any product or service you purchase. Do you want a doctor that turns you into a guinea pig or an expert who can help you immediately? There is still a place for experts when making product purchases as well. The internet offers you good looking websites with shiny products. Many people choose the ease of clicking through to their perfect product. For big ticket items you can find reviews and do the research. For other purchases it is not that easy and you are rolling the dice on the item meeting your needs.

Let me give you a real life example from one of my clients. I earned her business after her experience from ordering on the internet. She had purchased some pens off a website. Well of course they looked great and they made the ordering easy. She needed these pens for a meeting. She got the pens in time but when clients started to write with them the ink skipped and the retractable mechanism was not working properly. The part I thought was odd was she didn’t call the internet company to complain or get a refund.

This is where I came in. For her next client meeting, I gave her my advice on pen choices based on my 25 years experience with vendors and we ordered a sample. The online companies will not order you a sample and there is not a personal connection. Being an expert does not have to cost the client more, an experiment might.

The other key to choosing to work with an expert is that anyone can sell you a pen, even a great pen. But what the vast majority of my clients need help with, is determining if that pen is REALLY what they need and how to use it or something else to effectively accomplish the goal. Let the expert do the work and you spend your time on something you do best.